Behind the Scenes - Rethinking a SaaS tool from the ground up

In mid 2017, my company started to look into 2018 goals and recognized the opportunity to improve the company's flagship product: paid search monitoring. I was tasked with immersing myself in the paid search world, working to identify any way that we could improve the flow of the tool and any new features that could increase usefulness and engagement.

After jumping into research and working on quick napkin sketches, I moved to wireflows. I wanted to better understand how all of these ideas would play out together. We needed to identify points that we could get the biggest 'bang for our buck' and weed out unneccesary or contradictory flows and features.

Sorting Out the Foundation

After these wireflows, I moved to single page feature wireframes, ideal for soliciting feedback from inside and outside the product team. I kept these one pager wireframes as stripped down as possible to focus the feedback on the feature itself.

from there, I moved onto storyboards to increase collaboration and focus feedback. At that point, I left the company I was no longer on the project. Through the process of this project, I learned how to better manage feedback within and outside of the product team. I learned more about choosing fidelity level to focus feedback, and to better bend my process to support feedback preferences of various members on the team. In the end, it's about getting as much feedback as possible to ensure that the problem space and solutions have been completely vetted and understood.