Content Review Interface

In short, the goal here was to help users to become more strategic and efficient through a new content review tool. The existing tool was a firefox plug-in that was cumbersome, lacked key features, and (by the time I arrived at the company) broken and removed from the software. We needed to quickly sort out an MVP to both help out our users and begin iterating for future releases

Sorting Out the Foundation

Users needed to be able to get information on the site, check out the website below the chrome, and make a decision about whether or not the content followed the rules they set for publishers. I explored ideas with a sidebar and a more email-like interface, but the first iteration landed on this: a top bar that provided clear, quick access to the needed information and actions.

While this first iteration accomplished the mvp of making it easy for our users to review websites,I knew that it was only the first step toward a future reviewer. once we added in the idea of 'issues' that users could track, I revisted the layout to see how it could be improved. This wireframe shows how I've moved the entire user flow - information, issues, and outreach - into the reviewer. This allows users to go through more than just the review, eliminating unneccesary pages and clicks.