bv app refresh







challenge: bring a dated software interface up to date and in line with new brand standards while finding universal ways to improve the user experience.

old to new

the old user interface was dated, lacked hierarchy, and lacked the visual appeal to make the user's experience more enjoyable. there were three main goals for this project: bring the software to the brand standard, improve overall hierarchy, and improve table layout and design (the most used and important part of the app).

left: landing page & branding

the complexity of the software made balance critical when it came to branding. while the software needed to reflect the overall brand, it needed to avoid unneccesary flash and ornamentation that could clutter the space and cause friction for the user.

right: hierarchy

many of the pages in the app feature heavy amounts of data, so imporving hierarchy was key to improving the user exeperience. clear headers, sections, and cards helps navigate the user through large data sets and multi-step processes.

table design

it's easy to fall into the trap of over-beautifying large data sets. while flashier designs may look nice at first glance, it makes it difficult for those continuously pouring over the cells. it was important to find a balance between making the table easier on the eyes and improving readability.