the bv rebrand: 
 a modular, flexible brand system designed to catch attention 
 and emphasize the flexibility and power of the tool. 

I was hired as the first in-house designer for this B2B SaaS company. Previously, the company hired outside staffing websites like 99designs for the logo, app work, and any marketing collateral work. Within two weeks, I recognized the need for a comprehensive rebrand.

It was important for me to work collaboratively with everyone in the company (20 or so at the time) while working on this logo. Our company still viewed itself as a start-up, and that start-up culture bred strong feelings of ownership.

The modular brand leans on a modular logo: meaning, a dynamic logo that keeps a general form, but has some components that can be changed to focus visual interest and keep things new and exciting.

The strong, bold wordmark spoke to the characteristic of trust. The highlighting (including standard highlighter-like colors) allowed us to tell the story of how our company finds and brings specific information to your attention, only when you needed it. The ever-changing dynamic logo highlights the innovative, flexible nature of the company.

The modular logo system is strengthened by the brand surrounding it. The visual interest and flexibility afforded by the logo helps to make marketing pieces unique and fresh. The bold colors, strong lines, and clean nature of the brand reinforce the concept of the logo.

The business cards provided a particularly fun expansion of the brand; I worked with everyone on the team to choose their own logo (from a group of pre-created logos or a brand new concept), helping to bring a sense of ownership and connection to the brand. And, honestly, it was one of the most fun projects of the entire branding process.