An In-House Rebrand, Under Pressure

The company, formerly known as Whitepages Pro, decided on a set deadline for spinning off from the parent company. Muiltiple business and trademark-related delays meant that rebrand work started days before the rebrand was announced. What followed was a push to quickly build a brand that stood out in a competitive market.

Clean, Minimal Design

With only a few days to pull together a logo, we worked with an outside agency to quickly build out a logo. From that point, we took the rest of the work in-house for speed. I pulled together these color and font explorations to get buy-in from multiple stakeholders as quickly as possible - time was of the essence, as the timeline forced us to launch with a black and white logo.

Our tight timeline meant that we launched with the new logo on the old site, and had to approach web design in an unconventional way. I immediately jumped into web design, working with a web development team that was building out the CMS and back-end templates as I designed pages and worked to have them approved.

With online events, physical event invitations, and general marketing email requirements, we needed a flexible email template that marketing members could use and manipulate for speed and efficiency. This template was built out in Marketo.