In-House Brand Refresh for BrandVerity

As a thought-leader and front-runner in the Brand Protection space, the company was in need of a design upgrade to match. As the first design hire, I quickly realized the need for a full rebrand to help project the confidence, leadership, and trust needed to match the capabilities and customer profile of the company.

A modular logo for an ever-changing landscape:

The company's main products highlight content from paid search results or web pages of interest to the user. This content is constantly changing and updating as search engines regularly change rules, affiliates change tactics, and websites refresh content. The logo highlights itself in multiple ways, drawing a direct connection between the brand and the company's offerings. This modular logo features over 30 variations, including multiple variations of the secondary logo.

For Business Cards, employees were able to choose the version of the modular logo that resonated with them the most. Some even asked to work together to create their own unique version of the logo. My personal favorite? The CTO, Andy, who wanted to highlight the a,n,d, and y in the logo.

This highliting theme is carried throughout, as seen with these ebook covers and selected ebook pages.